giovedì 7 aprile 2016

Back again lol

Coff. I know, I didn't update for a long time lol. But I'm back!

In those months I worked lots (and shopped lots ehm) so I didn't have so much time ><
But I started to wear gyaru again more ofter :D Now my wardrobe is divided in 3 parts : 2 big gyaru parts (one agejo and one kurogal) and a small grunge/goth part (yes, I'm still into it too).
After re-organizing my wardrobe I noticed I have not so much agejo clothing, so I'm going to buy more >< I want a perfect wardrobe, fifty-fifty between agejo and kurogal, my favourite styles 
BTW I'm wearing lots of agejo lately!

Ma*rs outfit, I borrowed the skirt from a friend 

GOLDS Infinity Dress
Ma*rs Belt
 Yes, I have fucsia hair now LOL

d.i.a Dress

Stella Dress
Random d.i.a outfit
I've also started to attend a gym, I'm growing lots of muscles even if I'm not really losing weight XD
I hope to manage to lose weight before July since I want to wear this outfit of mine ><

d.i.a summer outfit
I really hope to be able to wear it XD

Okay that's all for today, if you want to follow me here's my instagram
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L E I A' S R O O M 

See you soon, bye bye!

4 commenti:

  1. I love that ma*rs belt on you! welcome back <3 I'm working on a himekaji wardrobe to go alongside my Hime wardrobe both are small but I'll get there aha~

    1. Aw thanks! And I can't wait to see your himekaji wardrobe <3
      I'm trying to build a complete mixed wardrobe and it's hard, so I can understand you XD

  2. Agejo looks so nice on you! It's like your perfect style <3

    1. Aw you're too kind <3
      I usually wear more rokku/kurogal but I'm trying to wear agejo more >< thanks for reading <3