giovedì 26 novembre 2015

Back to life


It's quite a long time (LOL) since my last update, how are you all?
It took me a year to update again this blog. Lots of things happened in my life, especially since I'm working really hard (I've got a full time job), and then I had a fashion crisis and I spent this year dressing like a tramp ahahahaha. I also attended a couple of conventions, I met new friends and re-invented my relationship with my boyfriend; I lost some friends and my phone, but it hurted more the phone loss ahahahaha. I gained a lot of weight, I didn't take care of myself for AGES, I also thought gyaru was changing me, putting me under pressure. I went through a total crisis ahahahah. Well, it was not gyaru which put under pressure, neither my friends or my boyfriend, or my work. It was only me 8D well, better late than never. Now I'm searching myself again (it should be the 3289784th time I try to find myself, maybe I should stop avoiding me ahahahaha) and I'm giving another try to gyaru :3
Such a pity, btw, because I've noticed many gals quitted the scene D: I'm currently reading old blogs and collecting old models pics from Tumblr, Codenote and FB... ahhhh.
Anyway enough chatting, I'll show you some pictures from this year!

I didn't write about it, but on December I attended a small local Harajuku fashion meet. There was only another gyaru (except me), we both felt kinda lonely ahahahaha. Sadly most italian gyarus live in north italy!
But me and my gyaru friend we're trying to convert other friends of us into gyaru ahahahah!

This was my outfit, totally by d.i.a
except for the cardigan (GOLDS Infinity)
Group pic

The maleficent trio

Then in a blink it was New Year's Eve. At that time I started something like a "gyaru meme" to improve myself, but it didn't last long ahahahahah!

Again, a d.i.a outfit.
My exte were quite a mess after a drunken night ahahahah

Ah I got my nails done from a professional for the first time!

Easy design but I loved it!
I also made a lot of shopping during winter time, but I'll do a proper post later.
Just a tiiiiiiny preview ~

mbok order

bought from Chiralicious~
Coff. Bought too much coff.

I acted in a parody video about gamer girls ahahaha
So then I was like this, but after I was like this:

and then this!

I'm obscenely cherry red! Yes I dyed my hair, I love sooooo much this colour~ I can't wait to try gyaru with it!

On June I attended a local comic convention. It was the last time I dressed up :3

Wondercon in Bari!

Idol concert! Shiki Project ~

There was a purikura machine! It was my first time using one!!

Purikura made with my girls, you can see my agejo outfit (total MA*RS)

On July I attended another convention in Rimini. I was in cosplay most of time but on saturday night I dressed up slightly in gyaru style. I had already left it that time.

Top, belt, necklace: d.i.a
Skirt: Amisu
Bracelet: diavlo

Bonus pic LOL

At that convention I got robbed and so I lost my bag with my precious phone sigh. That's why I don't have many summer pics.
Misfortune kissed me, I also got a tendinitis, I almost broke with my boyfriend, lost some friends, my birthday was quite awful, I also had troubles at work LOL. Now I'm really happy to say that my misfortune left me XD

That's how I dress up now, I'm a lot into grunge style and I'm not going to quit it. I'll switch it with gyaru as I wish. This evening I'm going to a party and I'll dress up gyaru after a long time! I'm so excited!
And on December there will be another Harajuku meet in my town, I can't wait!

Ok, that's all for today. I'll update soon, I promise I won't after a year again ahahaha!
Bye bye,

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  1. Come back soon please! I love u andur blog ;) oh, u still pretty like always *-*