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Do you want to build a gyaru mobile phone? - Android Gyaru Cases, Themes & Apps

Hi gals!

Today I'm gonna talk about one of my biggest obsession: my mobile phone!
During my gyaru experience (started about 6 years ago) I noticed that a lot of japanese gyaru owned cute, decorated mobile phone, covered in glitter, stickers and decoden. And I wanted one too!

Ahhhhh they're just perfect!
But the more I searched for gyaru phones, the more I noticed that all the cute apps, cases and themes were just for Docomo and iPhone >_< what about Android phones?!
So I searched a lot through Play Store, tried lots of apps, bought suitable cases and made them myself, and whatever I needed to get a fashionable mobile phone.
Today I'm gonna share my best ideas and finds!


My phone (Samsung Galaxy S4) and my cases!
MA*RS ones made by me, Chanel one is a replica bought on taobao!

Screensaver lol
You can see my favorite cases here! After I saw that MA*RS did some cases for iPhone (and cover stickers for Docomo) I wanted one too, but too bad they didn't make cases for other mobile phones except iPhone and Docomo -.- so I did one by myself. Guess how I made it?

My case...

...that actually is a clear case with a piece of printed paper!
Yes, I just bought a clear case and printed some MA*RS print I found on google, then cut them into the case shape and VOILA'! Now I have lots of MA*RS cases! You can also add gems on the case corners to make it more blingy, like I did on the black MA*RS case next to the Chanel case.
You can use Ank Rouge, Liz Lisa, d.i.a prints to make your case suitable for your style. You can find a high selection of brand prints here on Universal Doll. Actually they are phone wallpapers like this MA*RS one, and here we are to the next point!


There's only one app who can save you when you need themes for your phone. That app is [ + ] HOME.

This app is a real gem. It has a lot of selections, suitable for many styles as Lolita but also gyaru! Here's my favourite ones!

Glitter Rose

Leopard Hearts

Zebra and Roses

My favourite and current theme: Decorative Hearts!
There are lots of other themes like Glamorous Glitter or Gothic Butterflies, just try this app and search for your favourite one!

But if you're craving for some brand themes, here are the apps made for you!

Ma*rs english free app! It installs on your phone a MA*RS search tool 
and it also has an animated wallpaper that sparkles when you touch it!

Ma*rs japanese app, it costs 2,03€.
It creates ma*rs themed icons and has a wallpaper in 3 colours.

Let's see how the japanese one works:

The left button (lighted in cyan) creates icons.
Click on the icon you want, then click on "step 2" to select the app you want to link,
then click "step 3" to save it! It saves right on your home.

The right button (lighted in cyan) makes you select the wallpaper.
Click on the one you want to choose and click on the right answer.

The result. You can combine the 2 app to get wallpaper, icons and the sparkle touch!

If you're more into kurogal there's the XIII Japan app.
It costs 1,08€ and it works as the first app.
The same productor (NOS Inc.) did similar apps for ANAP,
Shinjeki no Kyojin, Ghost in the Shell etc
Here we are at the next and last point, let's talk about useful apps!


MA*RS Battery Saver app!
It's free and really cute!

Maybe you don't need it but why don't you save your battery in a fashionable way? Clicking on "Task killer" it closes all the apps left open (except for wallpaper and theme ones); it also tells you how much battery you have and has some button for quick apps like calculator and wifi settings. It would be better if it was a widget but it's cute even as it is XD
Spring app. It's a photo editor app and it's free.

 The bottle button slims your figure, I recommend using pictures where your legs are straight (just not like this one lol); the spring button makes your legs thinner and longer (same recommendations as previously), the face button makes your face slimmer.

Beauty Plus app. It's a photo editor app and it's free.
 It has 3 functions: Self Portrait simply opens your camera and takes a pic to edit immediately, Beautify makes your figure slimmer, taller, improves your skin, retouches it in everyway; Magic Brush gives you a range of brushes to decorate your pictures.

Girls Camera app. It's a photo editor app (the most interesting and difficult to use one)
 and it's free.
 It gives you a high selection of functions! There are frames, brushes, backgrounds, filters, everything you can use to make your pics like purikura!

Did you notice anything strange in my pic?

Let's check... Drawstamp function...

What? Eyecolor stamps?

Let's stamp!

And here's me wearing light blue circle lens!
 Yes, it has a circle lens stamp function XD you can select the colour and choose the size, it is a bit hard to apply but the effect is funny XD I think this is the most original app and really the most similar to purikura!
KiraDeco app. It's free. It just has frame, stamps and glitter functions.

I found this one searching for "gyaru apps" lol.
If I understood correctly it's a search tool for ameba blogpost.
That's all! I hope you find this post useful :3 also I would love to see your "gyaru" apps and your phone cases!
See you next time!

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