martedì 30 dicembre 2014

December Outfit&Makeup update [Pics heavy]

Hello everybody :D

Merry christmas and happy new year :D another month passed since my last update ugh >< sorry!
Today I'm just gonna make a quick update: soon I'll get my last parcels, then I'll do a vlog about my shopping (I spent really a lot this month. REALLY. A LOT.) and after 1st of January I'll do a post about 2014 (and do again New Year resolutions.. I hope to accomplish them this time!).
So I hope you will enjoy my post, please let me know what do you think :D

Agejo for a contest
Top: Skinny Lip
Shorts, garter: GOLDS Infinity
Accessories: H&M

Top, choker, belt: d.i.a
Shorts: Pull&Bear
Tights, boots: local shop

Top, belt: d.i.a
Choker: bought on facebook
Shorts: Pull&Bear
Tights, boots: local store

Coat, choker, necklace: d.i.a
Top: Black Queen
Cardigan: GOLDS Infinity
Tights, boots: local shop

Top, skirt, necklace: d.i.a
Corset: bought on facebook
Tights, boots: local shop

Dress, necklace: d.i.a
Belt: diable baiser
Tights: local shop

Ma*rs outfit... no worn pic sorry
My new coat!
Hat: Sisley
Googles, necklace: tutuHA
Dress: Ghost of Harlem
Boots: local shop
Choker, bracelets:

Kurogal for a meet up

Top, shorts, belt, necklace: d.i.a
Cardigan: GOLDS Infinity
Boots: bought on facebook

That's all! My makeup improved a lot during this month, what do you think?
See you in next post!

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