domenica 6 aprile 2014

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My Gyaru Wardrobe

Hi there! Long time since my last update, today I'll make a big post showing you my gyaru wardrobe!
I have chosen only gyaru brands items to avoid a too long post full of offbrand items. Maybe I'll do another post about my offbrand gyaru clothes... I'll see. Anyway I'll show a couple of items that I use almost only in my gyaru code.
Anyway, quit chat and let's start!

My Gyaru Wardrobe

Tops - Shirts, tees, tank tops etc

Every shirt is from d.i.a

From Left: Ghost of Harlem - GLAD NEWS - GLAD NEWS - TutuHA replica

From Left: - GLAD NEWS replica - Dig Deep

From Left: GARULA replica - Hard Candy - CECIL McBEE - Skinny Lip

Left: Bershka - All the rest is d.i.a

Everything from d.i.a (grey sweater is a replica)

Tutuha replica

Everything is from GOLDS Infinity except the peplum black x peach top (DreamV)

Left: Pumpkin - All the rest is MA*RS
Black Bra: Tally Weijl - Pink bra: MA*RS 

Bottoms - Skirts, shorts, pants

Upper row, from left: A-Devil - d.i.a - MA*RS
Middle row, from left: d.i.a - GOLDS Infinity - MA*RS
Lower row, from left: GARULA - BABYDOLL

Skinny Lip

Joujou Royale (Bought from Petite Egoist Shop)

From Left: Snidel - Tally Weijl


From Left: GOLDS Infinity - gift - d.i.a

From Left: Ghost of Harlem - GOLDS Infinity - d.i.a

Lip Service

Outers - Coats, hoodies, cardigans etc

From Left: GLAD NEWS - d.i.a - Terranova

From Left: Lip Service - Rienda

From Left: H&M Chanel replica - GOLDS Infinity

From Left: DreamV - Tralala

Bonus: Belts & Hats

Upper row, from left: d.i.a - gift
Lower row, from middle-left: - d.i.a - TutuHA replica

Up: d.i.a - Middle: diable baiser - Low: diable baiser

That's all! Which item is your favourite?

See you soon,