martedì 30 dicembre 2014

December Outfit&Makeup update [Pics heavy]

Hello everybody :D

Merry christmas and happy new year :D another month passed since my last update ugh >< sorry!
Today I'm just gonna make a quick update: soon I'll get my last parcels, then I'll do a vlog about my shopping (I spent really a lot this month. REALLY. A LOT.) and after 1st of January I'll do a post about 2014 (and do again New Year resolutions.. I hope to accomplish them this time!).
So I hope you will enjoy my post, please let me know what do you think :D

Agejo for a contest
Top: Skinny Lip
Shorts, garter: GOLDS Infinity
Accessories: H&M

Top, choker, belt: d.i.a
Shorts: Pull&Bear
Tights, boots: local shop

Top, belt: d.i.a
Choker: bought on facebook
Shorts: Pull&Bear
Tights, boots: local store

Coat, choker, necklace: d.i.a
Top: Black Queen
Cardigan: GOLDS Infinity
Tights, boots: local shop

Top, skirt, necklace: d.i.a
Corset: bought on facebook
Tights, boots: local shop

Dress, necklace: d.i.a
Belt: diable baiser
Tights: local shop

Ma*rs outfit... no worn pic sorry
My new coat!
Hat: Sisley
Googles, necklace: tutuHA
Dress: Ghost of Harlem
Boots: local shop
Choker, bracelets:

Kurogal for a meet up

Top, shorts, belt, necklace: d.i.a
Cardigan: GOLDS Infinity
Boots: bought on facebook

That's all! My makeup improved a lot during this month, what do you think?
See you in next post!

giovedì 20 novembre 2014

A/W (and Christmas) Wishlist!

Hi there!

So sorry, it's almost a year I don't update ;_; I have lots of things I want to talk about... but sadly I don't have pics now so I'll update soon with all the news :3 I also hope to blog more now that I have a more regular schedule.
Today I just post my new wishlist, since I'm buying random things, not the ones I need and I have to stop XD

1. Ombre Extensions

Lately I've been obsessed with Ombre hair! I love the blonde x pink ones, they look so MA*RS-ish and they're already curled so no pain for me ahahahah! The blonde x black ones remind me of Hideka-chan and I can't wait to have them!! I will straighten and wear them in my d.i.a and goth outfits, I can't wait *___*

2. Half wig

I need a half wig. I just don't know which color should I choose, since my actual hair is blonde with some darker highlighting on the top... Maybe I'll take the right one to match the extensions and dye my hair.

3. MA*RS belt

You know what? I'm again into agejo XD my d.i.a wardrobe is already quite big so I want to increase my agejo clothing now :3 I already own some tops by GOLDS Infinity and MA*RS, now I want dresses, set ups and of course a belt!

4. MA*RS dresses

I wanted those 2 dresses since a long time!!! I hope to buy them before summer ;_;

5. MA*RS bag

Nothing to say. It's beautiful. And I need it in black.

6. MA*RS set up
I-LOVE-IT! It's cute, feminine and sexy! I love tartan print in pink A LOT and this is totally a HAVE-TO-BUY!

7. MA*RS bra

Everybody keeps telling me how much beautiful are those bra, how big your boobs look in this, blah blah blah. Hey, it's black, it has a pink bow, do you really need other motivations to make me buy it?

8. d.i.a jeans
I'm chasing them since forevah. Need size 26. Nobody is selling them. SIGH.

9. Etude House Makeup Case

My makeup desk looks a mess, so I need this so much ;_; I've seen it on Amazon but I'm trying to find it cheaper!

10. Black Cropped Hoodie

I ruined my old one so I need a replacement. It makes all your outfits kurogal-ish. I miss you ;_;

11. MA*RS lighter

I know, I don't really need it ;_; but it's MA*RS, it's cute, they made it in pink, it's a lighter so... maybe actually I need it? ;_;
I'll buy it anyway.

So that's all for today! I hope to update soon with some outfits and makeup.
Bye bye!

domenica 6 aprile 2014

Giveaway - I want to win XD

Ly☆ is holding a giveaway, you can find it here

I hope to win!!

My Gyaru Wardrobe

Hi there! Long time since my last update, today I'll make a big post showing you my gyaru wardrobe!
I have chosen only gyaru brands items to avoid a too long post full of offbrand items. Maybe I'll do another post about my offbrand gyaru clothes... I'll see. Anyway I'll show a couple of items that I use almost only in my gyaru code.
Anyway, quit chat and let's start!

My Gyaru Wardrobe

Tops - Shirts, tees, tank tops etc

Every shirt is from d.i.a

From Left: Ghost of Harlem - GLAD NEWS - GLAD NEWS - TutuHA replica

From Left: - GLAD NEWS replica - Dig Deep

From Left: GARULA replica - Hard Candy - CECIL McBEE - Skinny Lip

Left: Bershka - All the rest is d.i.a

Everything from d.i.a (grey sweater is a replica)

Tutuha replica

Everything is from GOLDS Infinity except the peplum black x peach top (DreamV)

Left: Pumpkin - All the rest is MA*RS
Black Bra: Tally Weijl - Pink bra: MA*RS 

Bottoms - Skirts, shorts, pants

Upper row, from left: A-Devil - d.i.a - MA*RS
Middle row, from left: d.i.a - GOLDS Infinity - MA*RS
Lower row, from left: GARULA - BABYDOLL

Skinny Lip

Joujou Royale (Bought from Petite Egoist Shop)

From Left: Snidel - Tally Weijl


From Left: GOLDS Infinity - gift - d.i.a

From Left: Ghost of Harlem - GOLDS Infinity - d.i.a

Lip Service

Outers - Coats, hoodies, cardigans etc

From Left: GLAD NEWS - d.i.a - Terranova

From Left: Lip Service - Rienda

From Left: H&M Chanel replica - GOLDS Infinity

From Left: DreamV - Tralala

Bonus: Belts & Hats

Upper row, from left: d.i.a - gift
Lower row, from middle-left: - d.i.a - TutuHA replica

Up: d.i.a - Middle: diable baiser - Low: diable baiser

That's all! Which item is your favourite?

See you soon,