martedì 1 ottobre 2013

Latest parcels! + Goshikku Outfit

Hi there ^w^/ I've got something new to blog about :3c  Today I got my last parcel (I'm only waiting my taobao order now) so time to show you what I got! X3
The whole shopping! I bought everything from different girls.
(I played with my WP Purikura app XD)

MA*RS Black Plain Top & MA*RS Pink Bandeau!
The top has a very deep neckline X//D

d.i.a shirt in pink

Eagle necklace detail~

d.i.a shirt in purple

Star chain detail~

d.i.a tartan shirt

Which item do you like the most? :D

On Saturday I went out with my honey and my friends to see a HIM cover band.. They were quite good at it and we enjoyed the music. I felt so nostalgic, I used to listen to HIM when I was 16 ;w;

Saturday Outfit!
Top, Necklace: tutuHA - Corset: Burleska - Skirt: d.i.a
- Jacket: Terranova - Belt: Calliope - Tights, accessories:

I wore a natural and neat make up, I think I look better with something simple :S
What do you think?

Ok, that's all! Now I go back to study, but before I go I have here for you a list of planned posts (I wanted to update the "Next Posts" sidebar but Blogger seems to not work properly now -,-"): if you want let me know in a comment what do you prefer as next post!

☆Graveyard Rose Review

☆Trip to Rome

☆SPA at home

☆Gaijin Gal Inspiration Post

Bye bye sweeties!