lunedì 16 settembre 2013

Recent Buys!

Hi there *-*~
Today I want to do just a quick update to show you my latest buys! I've got so many things but I'll show you everything in my next "Wardrobe Post", now I'll show just some pieces~
Here we go!

d.i.a tshirt

DreamV cardigan

DreamV peplum top (pink part is removable!)

Real MA*RS shirt

Moon necklace

From L to R: d.i.a star dress, Hard Candy shirt, Skinny Lip pants (last 2 items were bought from Kasui!)

Gifts from sweet Kasui! Candies and a Rilakkuma minitowel~

The mini towel~

That's all for today, bye bye!

2 commenti:

  1. Oh GOD! I love MA*RS shirt! And the perfect!

    1. Thank you! The cardi is so soft, I love it~ Thank you for reading!