mercoledì 21 agosto 2013

Summer in a nutshell [PICS HEAVY]

Hello everybody!
Again a month passed since my last post.. sorry! ><" I was so busy that I couldn't update. Anyway, my summer is already over, it lasted only one month since I started again to study, but I really enjoyed it! I went to the beach, I had a dinner with my boyfriend the day before my birthday and he organized a surprise party for me on my birthday! It was so awesome *0* I never had a surprise party, it was the first time for me (but I organized a lot of them so I know how much difficult it could be, so I'm really really really grateful to him♥♥♥) : when my friends came out shouting "SURPRISEEEE!!" I was so scared that I started to cry, but then I felt so happy and I just continued to cry XDDDDD OMG I'm such a child. Sadly I don't have any pic of that evening but it was so great that it will stay forever in my memory, even without pics. Thank you guys.

I had the most awesome summer ever. On June was my honey's birthday, also. For two days I could sleep with him, cuddle him, and cook for him. We spent most of the time watching movies and talking, listening to music or just chilling on the sofa in silence. I loved the time spent with him, he's so important to me and I did a small surprise party for him XD He was really happy and smiled all the time, that's enough to make me say that they were the most precious days for me.

Chilling on the sofa, he's hugging my legs XD he's such a cuddle bear, so cute and sweet

So, to cut short my blablabla I'll show you my summer in three parts: random pics, outfits&faceshots pics and some buys I did recently :3 but before I'll start, I have to show you something..

I dyed my hair XD now the color already faded a bit, so my hair looks blonde with a shade of red. I love this color so much!!

Now I shut up and leave all the rest to the pics ;) enjoy!

Random pics

My honey, at the restaurant before my birthday

The chinese restaurant :Q_

My birthday cake

Outfits & Faceshots

My birthday's outfit

I did blue hair chalk to my hair taking inspiration from this summer's EGG issues!


Primadonna sandals, Calliope bag and skull necklace
Maxfactor concealer, Rimmel bronzer, L'Oreal face primer
Those items still have to arrive, but I'll show them anyway :D

Cecil McBee top
d.i.a long sleeved top

Chrome Hearts cap (not sure if replica or original)

Glad News top

Garula shorts (love 'em!)

Diable Baiser long skirt in gray

tutuHA dress (not included choker and necklace)

Ageha fake eyelash
I also bought some other items but I don't have pics D: so I'll show them when they will arrive :D
So finally that's all XD see you soon (I hope)!