giovedì 11 luglio 2013

Long time no see: Outfits and shopping!

Hi there!!
It's passed so much time since my last post, my bad! I'm so sorry!!
In those months I had so many things to do.. Exams, english and spanish tests, my brother's birthday, I'm exhausted x,x anyway I did also some shopping and outfits, so lets see what I have to show!


Outfit for a random walk with my honey ♥
Top: Glad News
Necklace: tutuHA
Shorts: pull&bear
Accessories: Tally Weijl & Taobao
My brother's birthday outfit
Dress: Lip Service
Cardigan: GOLDS Infinity
Accessories: gifts
Shoes: local chinese shop

Outfit details:

Outfit for a meetup with a dear friend
Top: H&M
Bra: Royal Cheaper
Skirt: MA*RS
Belt: diable baiser
Choker: d.i.a
Accessories: gift

I tried sujimori, I liked it but it didn't turn out poofy as I wanted  it TAT
Simple outfit for a dance recital
Cardigan: Lip Service
Top: d.i.a
Shorts: pull&bear
Belt: diable baiser
I really need new shorts.. I always end wearing the same pair XD

Outfit I arranged to try on my new top ♥
Top: MA*RS
Belt: diable baiser
Shorts: pull&bear (ARGH)
Necklace: H&M
Hairbow: dreamV

Back of the top.. it's soooo sexy but I'm quite embarrassed ^//^"
Those are my latest outfits! What do you think? I would love to read your opinion!  


I sold a lot of things (most lolita) and I saved some money, so I could afford a lot of things: I almost ended my wishlist *____*! I only need to buy a pair of d.i.a denim pants and a black tutuHA dress and I'll be complete.. ahaha XD
So lets see what I got :3

Glad News top, d.i.a miniskirt, tutuHA cross necklace
Stock pic
I wanted those things for SO LONG. I'm obsessed with wings, crosses, stars and blood themes (yeah, I'm a weirdo) so the top and the necklace were like my gyaru Graal XDDDD And now that they're mine I feel SO GOOD.

Glad News tank top, MA*RS top
Ok, if you didn't notice I love Glad News :'D
That MA*RS top. I hated it, because I "chased" it for more than a year, and it always went in someone else hands DDD: after some bad luck finally I found a girl who was selling it cheap and I quickly bought it!!
Finally it's mine MWAHAHAHAH.

diable baiser belt
MIIIIIINE. OMIGOSH HOW MUCH I WANTED IT. I longed for it for so much!!! As I said (and as you can easily imagine thanks to my blog name XD) I love star theme! And now I own it kukukukuku 

Worn pic, sorry for trashy outfit but I just came from school XD

Final Fantasy Advent Children jewerly
I'm obsessed with Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy Advent Children. Nothing else to say.

Shoes and clutch bag from a local chinese store
I needed new shoes and bag. That's all XD I like a lot the boots, it's such a big change for me to choose such a light color!
I also bought some jewelry from Graveyard Rose and received a big parcel from Taobao on April, but I will talk about them in another post.

So ladies! I think that's all for today. See you soon!