mercoledì 13 marzo 2013

†Update: Shopping, Haircut, Outfit†

Hi everyone!! How are you? I'm fine :D and finally relaxed after so long, because my winter exams session is over!! XD
-3 exams to my graduation *_*
I feel like I'm deflated =A= but I'm happy!

LOL. Chirp chirp!

Sooooo. Some new things in my life! Let's start with the most important 8D


Yes I cut my hair short HAHAHAHAHAHA omg. On the moment I wanted to die. My hairdresser (a new one, totally awesome but a bit sadistic XD) was running his fingers through my hair, telling me how he would cut it blahblahblah then he said "Ok let's cut the ponytail" me "What? O_O"
..Then more than half of my hair was in the hand of my hairdresser.
I screamed in terror inside my very heart.
My hairdresser: "LOL babe, wanna keep it?" *waves my (ex) ponytail in front of my eyes*
Me: "=_= Fuck you man."

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Soooo this is me with short hair. What do you think? I'm so happy with my new haircut (still psicologically hurted but I'll recover soon), I wanted to change so bad and I feel so FRESH.

Soooo new outfit with my new haircut! The make up is the one in the above pic.

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Shorts: Tralala
Choker: Ghost of Harlem replica
Belts: Calliope + nobrand
Accessories, boots: nobrand

Sorry for bad quality pic x,x they're from Woman's Day, I was all day out with my girls and when I took pics I was too tired to care about it x,x

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Fishbone Corset Tee, d.i.a Lock&Key Top,
ANAP fringed Top, Calliope Checkered shirt

I did some shopping again HAHAHAHAH.
Oh, man.
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d.i.a top worn pic!

I'm still waiting for a couple of things (hairchalks and d.i.a onepiece ♥♥♥) and I need to pay shipments for my Taobao order (3.5 KG HAHAHAHAHA WANNA DIE) and Ebay order (a couple of accessories, since I lost my 2 favourite rings - sad story)..

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H&M T-shirts, "Wonderful, Glorious" Eels album,
"The Sound of Silence" Simon & Garfunkel album,
books from my wishlist

THAT. EELS. ALBUM. If you follow me on Twitter you already know how such a fangirl I can be. I'm a Placebo/Gorillaz/Eels-fag XD so when the new "Wonderful, Glorious" album came out I couldn't help myself from buying it. BEST THING I EVER DID, since this album is TRUE SWAG. If you like rock music you totally should listen to it, especially if you love bigs like Pink Floyd. You won't regret it, I swear. Mr. E's voice is simply the most biting and intense voice I ever heard, and tracks like "Bombs Away", "New Alphabet", "The Turnaround", "Wonderful, Glorious" are divine. It tastes like nirvana to me. Inner peace, you know what I'm talking about.

And speaking about those H&M t-shirts: they were too cool and I needed them in my life.

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Hi, I'm fat and I wanna die.
H&M red T-shirt worn! It has a tutuHA taste IMHO and it was only 12,95€ so I really needed to buy it (no, I didn't need it. It was just awesome. So bad at finding excuses LOL). I'm planning on printing black wings on the back but meh, I'll see.

Ok, I think that's all. See you in the next post cuties!
Love ya!

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  1. You are super beautiful *o* ♥ !!!

  2. Aww, love your new hairstyle! <3 Short hair ftw. ;D

    1. Yeah, short hair is the best xD thank you for reading!

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