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My Accessories Collection!

Hi gals! How are you?
Today is the day *w*9 The day we conquer the world I post my accessories collection. Sigh. It's not the same.
(The conquest of the world sounded soooo good.)
Obviously I'll show only my gyaru-related accessories, avoiding lolita and decora stuff XDDDD You can't imagine how much accessories I own.. TOO MANY.
Ok, let's start!

From the top: Ghost of Harlem replica,
TutuHA replica, d.i.a,
H&M kids customized, TAOBAO

I love chokers! The more I have, the more I want them! Simply I can't go out without a choker. I love everyone from my collection, but the Ghost of Harlem replica one is my favourite! I also love the d.i.a one but it's a bit too big for my neck (I have to clip it on the D-ring and it's still too loose) and the closures are too much fragile.. meh.

Crosses necklaces! Who doesn't own one? I love this theme so much. 4 crosses necklaces aren't enough for me! XD In my wishlist there's a tutuHA cross necklace.. Ahhh I'd like one of them so much!! Especially in black, or with some strange pattern like sequins.
If you never had seen a tutuHA necklace, here you are:
Punk-Rock Theme

Spiked necklace, blood necklace: TAOBAO
Turquoise leo necklace: Hard Rock Cafè
Eye necklace: Ebay
Lynx-head necklace: Gift, but I think it's from OVS
As you know my style is rock inspired, so how couldn't I own some rock-ish accessories? My favorite ones are the spiked necklace and the turquoise leo necklace, they are short so they don't dance on my belly while I walk XDDDDD 
The eye necklace is a beloved one too, since I came pretty obsessed with eyes in past summer, thanks to the "Chaos;Head" anime. Who has watched it?
"Whose eyes are those?"

Star Theme

From left: H&M kids, gift, Louche (bought in London),
Accessorize, H&M
Bracelet: ///
Star theme. It was my obsession  since I can remember. That bracelet: I don't know who gave it to me and why.. I always had it, since I was a child.
I was born on 10th of August: St. Laurence's Night, the Night of Fallen Stars (at least here in Italy). That's why stars are so important to me.. They are a PART of me. They are the place I belong to, in my very heart. I'm still asking to myself why I didn't try to become an astronaut xDDD It would have been the most beautiful thing in my life..
Maybe I don't look like this, but I'm a very romantic (and dreamer) girl •///•

Cute Theme

From left, first 3 necklaces: H&M kids
Golden necklace: OVS
Pearl necklace: Gift from Spain♥
Rilakkuma lilac necklace: Gift from lovely Kasui♥♥
As you can imagine, I don't use those accessories anymore (or at least not often)..But I still love them, everyone means something special to me: my first lolita items, the necklace I share with my BFF, my beginning as a gyaru, a gift from a gyaru I truly admire..
So that's why they are still here, hanging on my wall with all the other accessories I use everyday. I just love to look at them and.. smile.


Upper row: Accessorize, H&M, gift from my mom
Middle row: old gift
Lower row: gift, Ebay
Obsessed with eyes and stars, part two XDDD those star earrings were also in the "Star Theme" pic, but those 6 pairs of earrings are the only ones I use, so I re-pictured them XD
Stars, eyes, crosses and roses.. This pic shows the themes I love the most XD
I got a lot of compliments for the eye earring.. It's my favourite earring, I wear it everyday :3


Upper row: Ebay, London, Ebay
Lower row: Gift, H&M
There are stars also here*COFF COFF*. Leo print, crosses, roses, STARS, blahblahblah I'm getting repetitive. I don't own too many rings since I'm always afraid to lose them.

Bracelets and Cuffs

Upper row: SBY, gift, H&M, no brand
Middle: TAOBAO, H&M, no brand
Lower row: tutuHA replica, TAOBAO
Bracelets, yay!
I HATE BRACELETS. That's why there are more cuffs than bracelets, like the SBY one or the tutuHA one. I just hate the feeling of charms hanging off my wrist.. it feels like I will soon lose something, it drives me mad °A°
Rock-ish accessories for the most. Did I say that I love rokku style? I don't think anybody noticed it..

Hair Accessories

Upper row: Angelic Pretty, Diable Baiser, MA*RS
Spiked headbands: TAOBAO
All the rest: no brand
I have to admit that I don't use often hair accessories. Especially now, it's cold outside and I prefer a warm wool hat to a rose hairpin. BTW I use the spiked headbands A LOT. Comfy and easy..


GOLDS Infinity, MA*RS
Ok, I LOVE garters. A lot. Really a lot. Now I just own those two but I want to buy more of them, especially now that I'm getting slimmer. They're simply perfect. The perfect accessory.

Collars and Scarves

Up: gift from my mom, H&M
Down: Mezzo Piano, d.i.a
I don't like scarves so much, since I love necklaces (as you can see I own a lot of them) and scarves always cover them. Instead I quite like collars, to me they look more like necklaces. My favourite one is the d.i.a collar, it's a part of a top but I often wear it with other black tops.


Middle one: Diable Baiser
All the rest: no brand
I love that Diable Baiser belt and I craved for it since one year.. then finally during Christmas holidays I found it on gyaru_com_sales and I quickly bought it! Lucky me *w*
I'm planning to buy the star one (predictable) always from Diable Baiser.. I just hope to find it soon ;w;

Diable Baiser Star Belt

Straw hat: H&M
Fur legwarmer: Diable Baiser
Biker gloves, Pink armwarmer: TAOBAO
All the rest: no brand
My beloved wool hat *w* It's so warm and fluffy and I love it soooo much. Those are all the accessories I can't put in a category, like hats or gloves. As you can see I own a straw hat, but I don't use it anymore.
Fluffiness all over. Fur legwarmers, fur keychain, gloves with fur.. I guess I like fur, LOL.


So this is where all my accessories come to rest are mantained in order. You can also see some of my beauty product and my showcase. Oh, the memories.

Ok, that's all, I think I have talked enough XD I'll close this post with my latest make up pic. I think I'm improving, what do you think? Also, if you have done/want to do an "accessories collection" post too I'll be glad to see it, so feel free to post it in the comments!

Senza titolo

Bye cuties, see you soon!

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  1. aaaaaah che bello il collo leopardato di pelo *invidia* <3
    Il rossetto scuro ti dona un sacco poi, e ti preferisco con i tuoi capelli **

    1. Yay grazie Ile *v* il collo l'ho preso a natale da h&m, forse c'è ancora!
      Grazie per i complimenti >w<

  2. hai tanti bei bijoux, sopratutto i collarini *ama*!!
    anchio dovrei fare rifornimento di non ho sbatti di cercarli su taobao :P!

    bella l'ultima pic, e mi associo a quello che ha scritto la ile^^!

    1. Grazie anche a te Vivi! *^* sinceramente io gli accessori li trovo cercando le brand xP ho fatto una ricerca precisa solo per le croci.. Sono pigra pure io! XD grazie per aver commentato! <3

  3. Yay, you have great collection actually ✧٩(๑❛ω❛๑)
    Especially I love crosses collars an fur staff (๑•ㅂ•)