martedì 19 febbraio 2013

Latest buys☆

Hi everybody! How are you? :3
Inthose days I received some parcels and did some (late) sales shopping, let's check out what I got!

Canmake Loose Powder, Canmake BB Cream, Dollywink Lipbalm

Canmake is one of my favourite make up brands! I already had its Contouring Palette and I absolutely love it!
The lipbalm was in my make up wishlist since a year and I love it a lot! It's mint-flavoured, it's really soft and smoothing on my lips!
It's also a cute phonestrap ♥




Size comparison





d.i.a top
d.i.a top

I just love this top! It's silky and fresh. And makes my boobs look bigger, ahahah XD
In the end of this post I'll show you how it looks worn ;)

Sales buys

Sales shopping came late for me XD I didn't have the time before, but on Sunday my mother ask me to go shopping.. How could I say no? XD
Ok, let's see what I got!

Tally Weijl
Tally Weijl Watch

H&M & Bershka
Left: H&M , Right: Bershka
Chain Detail Bershka Jeans
Bershka Jeans, Chain Details

Tally Weijl
Tally Weijl
I saw Viivi with a similar skirt, so I thought.. why not? XD I hope to wear it soon, now it's still too cold ;_;

Tally Weijl
Both from Tally Weijl
Bought to match the skirt. The top on left looks sexy but "old school", don't you think?

Bershka & H&M
Left: Bershka , Right: H&M
The top on left looks soooo d.i.a style to me!! Maybe I'll customize it a bit, I need to think about it ♥
The H&M top has a reaaaaally deep neckline, it's quite embarassing *COFF* but it will look so good with my party bra, can't wait to wear it ♥♥

H&M & Tally Weijl
Left: H&M , Right: Tally Weijl
I saw Kasui with a similar t-shirt on GAL VIP, so I tried to find it but I only found this.. I like it anyway!

Senza titolo
Eyeshadow palette!


My new cellphone! Nokia Lumia 710. With its new cover made by me, the Dollywink lipbalm and MA*RS screensaver XD

Ok, time to show you how the new d.i.a top look worn!

Senza titolo
Choker: d.i.a
Top: d.i.a
Belt: diable baiser
Jeans: H&M

Senza titolo

Does it look good on me? And before you ask: yes, I lost a lot of weight in those months. Now I weigh 50kg. I'm doing legs and flat abs workout and (as I already said) I'm on diet. I can't tell you about my diet since it's something that change from person to person, but if you want to know my workouts let me know :3
Ok that's all for today, soon I'll do my Valentine's Day post, ahahah XD
See you soon cuties!

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  1. Your weight-loss is a big inspiration for me! You look absolutely stunning, you can be so so sooo proud of yourself! I admire you a lot! *___*

    May I hear more about your workout routine? =) I'm doing my workout-routine for 6 months, its getting a bit boring. Maybe you can help me out? ;)

    Also love your recent buys, especially the Bershka stuffs! *___*

    1. Waaaaaah thank you sooo much *_____* you can't absolutely understand how much it means to me, thank you, thank you!! ;_;
      About my routine.. mh, I think it's quite boring anyway XD First of all I do 30minutes of walk everyday (if I can't I do 30 minutes on cyclette), and when I walk I try to use my thighs muscles "hardening" them.. it's not simple to explain XD I try to tighten my bottom.. I dunno if it's clear to understand XD
      After this I do 100 crunchs (, and when I do them I go front, left and right so I'm sure I'm using also my hips muscles.
      Then I do this:, I count to ten standing to one side, 100 times per side.
      Then I do this:
      And after all of this I'll do myself a warm tea and I go dying on my bed XD ahahahah XD
      I hope this would be helpful :3
      Thank you for reading sweetie ;w;

    2. Argh, I meant 10 times per side, not 100!! So sorry about it ;_;

    3. Haha, thank you so much ;)

      Doing your workout atm <3

      Lot's of love <3

    4. You're welcome :3 if you want let me know if it works on you too :*