giovedì 31 gennaio 2013

OOTD: Agejo

Hi girls! How are you?
Today this post will be pretty short, I'll only show you a recent outfit. I was bored and sick at home, not dressing gyaru since so long, and I thought "Ok, let's doll up!".. So here I am XD

Hairbow: Yumetenbo
Choker: d.i.a
Top: GOLDS Infinity
Skirt: MA*RS
Stockings: Hard Candy (MA*RS replica)
Shoes: Lita replica

I swear, I DUNNO WHY MY BOOBS LOOK SO BIG. Maybe the Delightful bra I was wearing under my top makes the trick, dunno. Well, that's not a bad thing, I suppose XDDDD
Ah, I'm wearing a wig. Actually my hair is pitch black *w*!



I got a new phone, Nokia Lumia 710, and I filled it with apps XD also the app used for this two pics, it's called "PuriClub" and looks like Purikura *w* too bad it doesn't have updates and has just a few cool stamps :(



My face looks weird LOL. As you can see I also got an Instagram app and account, but I can't load pics (WTF? Stupid Microsoft). My nose is contoured but dunno why it looks more crooked than normal, any tips about it?

Ok, after this little MLP interval, I greet you and see you soon with my next post about my accessory collection!
(brace yourselves, pic spam is coming)
See ya!

Okashi Valentine's Day Giveaway!

Okashi Yummy is having an awesome giveaway!! Win 1 pair of circle lenses + 50% off shopping voucher from EyeCandy's !
This is a Valentine's Day Giveaway XD if you win you can keep the circle lens and give the voucher to the one you love *w* It's such a cute idea!!!
(I hope to win if I haven't a special someone XD)

Bye Bye