venerdì 8 novembre 2013

Quick Update: Picspam!

Hi there!
I just want to update with some recent pics (mostly my face LOL), I'm attending a formation course which is pretty boring so meh. I'm also working on/for 2 projects but I don't wanna talk about it until they come out :D Have a great day!

My honey (on the left) is recording his first demo (he sings in a metal band), I'm so proud of him! And this evening they'll do their second live, I'm really excited since I love their music!
I can't wait!


venerdì 1 novembre 2013

Happy Halloween and A/W - Christmas Wishlist!

Hi there~
Yesterday was Halloween, so Happy Halloween to everybody ~

Did you celebrate the night of ghosties and zombie? Did you dress up? I did!

I was a cat witch/Cheshire cat, i think, i dunno xD i just did a heavy, melted makeup with lots of black and purple, black&red lipstick and wore cat ears and tail xD my honey watched me doing my makeup:
Honey: owo?
Me: *putting first face primer*
Honey: owo
Me: *putting second colored face primer*
Honey: owo"
Me: *putting concealer*
Honey: owo""
Me: *putting foundation*
Honey: owo"""
Me: *putting loose powder and bronzer*
Honey: owo""""
Me: And this is just the basics.
Honey: Okay, I'm not going to lick your cheeks anymore. I don't want to catch a cancer.

XDDDDDD he was shocked XDDDDD

So, it's time for my wishlist! Even if it's still quite warm and sunny here in South Italy, the days became shorter and I already see Christmas hints around me, like candy-filled socks, my honey's mother making Christmas decorations (she sells them xD) and sexy Santa costumes ahahah XD
My honey asked me what I want for Christmas; thinking about it I realized that I keep buying clothes randomly, so my wardrobe is a total disaster x,x that's why it's time for wishlist! Let's start from the less important wish to the OMFGINEEDITINMYLIFE wish.

13. Sailor Moon Compact Powder & Lipstick

I'm a huge Sailor Moon fan! I own the manga and some figures and gadgets, so why not buy also the makeup? Those were the products I liked the most.

12. Garula Checkered Shirts (Brown, Blue)

One of this fall's trends is checkered shirts combined with wool hats: I like this trend so much! I already own a d.i.a red shirt and a Calliope grey shirt, so I choose something from Garula (which became one of my favourite brands recently) in colours I don't own.

11. Gilfy Black Wool Hat

See above! I choose a hat from Gilfy, a brand I'm learning to love recently~

10. Chanel Black Bag

I owned a replica of this bag a year ago, but it broke >_>" so it's time for a new one! My primary style is Hard-Onee Rokku (which I'm still working on to achieve) so I need a high brand bag. But also a replica will be fine xDDD

9. Agejo High Heels (Black, Black x Pink)

Yeah. High heels. I HATE high heels, talking about shoes I'm such a child, I only love converse and boots! But converse look horrible with agejo clothes, so... Meh. It's time to learn how to walk in those ordeal things.

8. GOLDS Infinity/DreamV Black Bag w/ Cellphone Holder (Only Black)

OMG I LOVE THEM. I fell in love with this kind of bag design a year ago, it's cute, practical and big. Practically it has my name written all over LOL.

7. Flat OTK Boots (Only Black)

I use boots so much that I already had to throw away my old black pair, bye bye. So I need a new pair that would look good either with Agejo and Rokku clothes~ This design also has fur inside, so it should be pretty warm!!

6. MA*RS Leopard Rose Top

I love MA*RS skirts but I also hate them since they don't look good with everything. MA*RS clothing looks good, REALLY GOOD, only with other MA*RS clothing. It's like a rule to me.
I own two MA*RS skirts (Leopard Rose print and Perfume Bottle print) that I love so I need matching tops or accessories to make them look good... For Leopard Rose print I choose the top!

5. MA*RS Perfume Bottle Headband/Usamimi

See above. For Perfume Bottle print I choose this headband since I already own load of black tops.

4. Julia Boutique Belt (Only Black)

I need it! Sometimes d.i.a style belts don't look good in some kind of outfits, but they still needs something! This belt is a good deal, especially for darker Rokku outfits.

3. d.i.a denim pants

Okay since I'm a derp I own many d.i.a tops but NO BOTTOMS. Only a pair of pull&bear shorts which I already wore too much. Totally need them!

2. MA*RS A/W 2013 Collection Dress (Only this print and design)

I don't know what to say, it's simply perfect. I want to wear it on New Year's Eve ;w;

And now my no.1 item, my Saint Graal, my only love, my OMFGINEEDITINMYLIFENOW:

1. d.i.a outfit - shirt + skirt (Black + Brown Belt)

OMG I LOVE IT I WANT TO WEAR IT EVERYDAY OF MY LIFE (actually I won't, I don't like to stink)
What can I say? It's AWESOME. It's the most perfect outfit I've ever seen and those pics don't do justice to its perfection. AAAAARGH I'M DYING.

Okay dears time to go back studying now, I hope you enjoyed my post, and don't worry: I'll do the Graveyard Rose review, I just need some time to take proper pics! >_< see you soon!