giovedì 29 dicembre 2011

Review: DIAMOND GREEN Circle Lenses "Your rhinestone eyes are like factories far away"

Hi guys! Today I will review my new lenses. I bought them in October: they reached Italy in November but customs caught them and released them only now (= _ =;) F*ck customs.

Anyway let's take a look to the lenses:

As you can see I bought them from PinkyParadise, and I used a coupon "hellocandie" to receive a mystery gift and a discount (it was about 0,01€ XD).
I choose international registered airmail, that's why it took 3-4 weeks to arrive in Italy.
This is what I got:


Lenses, lenses case, a voodoo doll phonestrap and a velcro thing to keep your bangs away from your face.
They packed very well my lenses and shipped everything in a bubblewrap envelope:


Shipping and package: 5/5

Here are the lenses:



Eyes without lenses

Eyes with SPC Hana Barbie lenses

Eyes with DIAMOND GREEN lenses

I wore them for a week already. They're soft enought, but I think they don't have a great water content (even if the schedule says 38%) so if you wear them all the day, at the evening you will feel a little uneasy.
The colour is really great, my eyes (normal brown eyes) show the colour a lot IMHO and they have a good enlargement. Maybe a 15.5 mm effect like my Hana Barbie. The design pops out, everyone saw me with those lenses on told me I have beautiful eyes XD
I paid them 20€, I think this is a really good price for those lenses.
I like them really a lot.

Comfort: 4/5
Colour: 5/5
Enlargement: 6/5 (really more than I expected)

Overall quality: 4.5/5
Price vs Quality: 5/5

I suggest them to everyone. I think they will look great in grey *_* If you're looking for cute and big lenses for a special day, I think those are perfect for you!

That's all for now, see you soon for the KOSE Cosmagic Deco Blush Review post!

4 commenti:

  1. wow, those are only 14.5 ?? O_O they look alot bigger!

  2. I think they measure 14.5 but have a different effect. A lot of lenses are like this ;) That's why I'm so satisfied! I love big lenses, I want to try soon 17 mm or 18 mm <3

  3. OMG. I so wanna buy those. their really cute on your eyes. and their that big o.o