martedì 6 settembre 2011

Reset and Restart

Hi everybody ^^
This is my introduction post. It's the third time I made it, I hope this will be the last one xD
So.. What should I say?

I'm Leia, 22 y-o girl from Italy. I'm studying Licterature at university and I should graduate this summer (I hope).
I'm into gyaru since almost 2 years now and I'm still improving >< but yeah I hope to be a good gal one day.
My favourite styles are rokku and agejo, with a bit of goth I suppose. I wear what I want to wear when I want to, so I find hard to focus on one single style. I love d.i.a, MA*RS, Golds Infinity, Glad News and Ghost of Harlem brands, which are also my inspirations. I prefer gaijin gyarus over Japanese gyarus, soon I'll do an inspiration post so I'll explain this better. Anyway I like a lot of gyaru icons like SakuRina, Mipochi, Hideka Tsunematsu, Kanako Kawabata and generally d.i.a staff. SakuRina, anyway, is my forbidden love xD she's just perfect, you know (ahahaha).
I don't read magazines often, I prefer to read blogs for my inspiration, but when I do it I read AGEHA, EGG (LOVE its street snaps!!) and SOUL SISTER. Maybe that's why I love SakuRina, Kanako and Mipochi so much ahahaha xD

What's gyaru to me?
It's a question I see very often, and sometimes I was asked something similar.
Well, for me gyaru is beauty, fashion, self-confidence and fun.
Beauty: some girls still pretend gyaru is JUST hanging out with friends, but you know, you can do it even not dressing gyaru! So how could it be a style point?
No, one of the most important things in this style is beauty. Make up, diet, healthy life, haircare, nailcare, skincare.. Just look at ameblo gyaru blogs. They all talk about their beauty habits AND everyday life. Mipochi often shows her new beauty products and does review, SakuRina shows her new nails, etc. Read them really shows what I mean.
About me, I take care of my "beauty" doing facial masks, hair masks, choosing carefully my beauty and make up products. I'm on diet right now and I exercise regularly.
Sadly I can't have a healthy life (I love alcohol. XD) but I do what I can do xD
Fashion: obviously you need to follow gal fashion. I hate what "normal" trends, usually fashion came up with such horrible trends, like fluo colours in past summer. Gyaru is more original to me and avoids such ugly things like very pointy shoes or, dunno, dresses with dark colours just because it's from the winter collection. Ok, sometimes gyaru brands came with ugly items (like that fugly poodle dress from one*spo, or cheap plastic leather skirts) but usually I think they have good taste and a young, fresh look I never saw anywhere else.
Self-confidence: you know, generally gyaru is about improving your look and beauty.
In the end, when you look into the mirror and see your beautiful clothes, your make up that makes your eyes look bigger and your skin perfect.. I don't know but I just love myself. I feel beautiful, "perfect", the girl I always wanted to be. That's why I think nobody should follow the trend about styles (I mean, every year there's a style which goes for the most: this year is rokku/ora ora, last year was agejo, the year before Liz Lisa/cute style etc) but just choose a style that makes you feel comfortable and "yourself". For example: before gyaru I always dressed goth/rock style, it made me feel good and "right", like a second skin. When I started to try gyaru I choose Liz Lisa style.. It lasted some months, then I slowly moved to rokku because I didn't feel comfortable.. It was simply too far from me.
Gyaru isn't about politic ideas, music or whatever so you can (no, you HAVE TO) be yourself and, I don't know, keep listening to Pantera while doing your make up xDDD
That's what I do. And I feel right and good like never in my life.

Fun: Ok, beside the part "if you like make up and enjoy doing your hair, this style should be A LOT fun for you".. well, it's a style. Style means that other people follow it. And you can meet them, know them and make friends.
I know, gyaru community has a lot of envy, loudmouth bitches, but whatever. I don't care and nobody cares. Bad apples will be always recognised and thrown away before the good ones.
So don't mind them. Enjoy your beauty, your wonderful confidence and have fun.
Open your world, expand your mind and show yourself. Gyaru is just the way, not the matter.

Soooo... After all this blah blah blah I'll show you my "Gyaru Improvement Meme". First months of trying won't be shown since I started on June, not January ahahahah THANKS GOODNESS.

Gyaru improvement memexLeia
Best make up were in September, when I broke up with my boyfriend AHAHAHAHA no comment. Generally my improvement keep going up and down.. I hope this year will go only up.
July haven't pics since that month I focused on university exams and didn't go out.
What do you think? Any suggestion would be welcome, just write a comment!
See you soon, bye bye

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